Meat Beef Chicken Tenderizer Hammer
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

Meat Beef Chicken Tenderizer Hammer

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Item Description:

· Material: 304 stainless steel

· Size: Handle:22cm, Hammerhead:5*5*5.5cm

· Color: Silver

· Item Type: Meat Tenderizer Hammer

· Quantity: 1 Pc

· Weight: 425g

· Brand: Comzendle



· Made of stainless steel, not aluminum. Solid, durable.

· Approx. Length: 10.43 inches (26.5 cm), approx. weight: 0.93 pound (420 g)

· Flat side for pounding

· Textured side for tenderizing

· Easy to clean, comfortable handle. With small hole, easy to storage


How to Use:

· Just take your cut of beef or other meat, pat it dry and lay it on a flat surface. Starting in the middle and working your way out, pound the meat with the spiky face of the hammer. Pound hard enough to leave dents in the meat.



· Not just for meat, the flat side of the hammer can also be used for crushing garlic or ginger, and for cracking pepper corns


 Package Includes: 

· 1 Pc* Meat Tenderizer Hammer

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